69 Minutes of Freedom

2005 release

  1. Run Away
  2. Dirty Magic
  3. Lit
  4. Join Us
  5. Says You
  6. Home
  7. I'll Be Gone
  8. The First Stone
  9. Porcelain Me
  10. Give It Back
  11. Buried In The Back
  12. Inside
  13. When You Run
  14. Conversion
  15. My Only Friend
  16. Energy
  17. Skin

Tracks 1 - 16 recorded at The Wave Station, Geneseo, NY. Engineered, edited, and mixed by George Hochbrueckner with assistance from Kagney King. Track 17 recorded at The Space @ Jay Wolfe Productions, Rochester, NY and engineered and mixed by Brian Lareau, assisted by John F. Winter. 

Produced by Joe Harmon 

Mastered at The Space @ Jay Wolfe Productions by John F. Winter and Brian Lareau 

All songs Copyright © 2004 Joe Harmon. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2005 lower case j entertainment, www.lowercasej.com. All rights reserved. Duplication is a violation of applicable laws. 

Brouhaha: Joe Harmon-vocals/guitars, Tim Clements-guitars/vocals, David Goldstein-bass guitar, Matt Stoffel-drums 

We Should Be Divas

2001 release

  1. Hide
  2. Women Eat Pork
  3. Once Again
  4. Find
  5. Misguided Flashlight
  6. Piece of Cake
  7. Sorry
  8. Why
  9. In Time
  10. My Best Dream

Recorded at The Space @ Jay Wolfe Productions, Rochester, New York.

Engineered & mixed by Brian Lareau, assisted by John F. Winter.

Mastered by John F. Winter.

Representation by Dan Agnew, Prime Productions.

All songs Copyright © 2001 Joe Harmon. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2001 lower case j entertainment. All rights reserved. Duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Brouhaha: Joe Harmon-guitar/vocals, Tim Clements-guitar/vocals, Dave Goldstein-bass guitar, & Matt Stoffel-drums.

Fluffy White Clouds

Brouhaha made their first recording at Studio7 in late '97. The product of those sessions was Fluffy White Clouds. The CD of originals by Brett Agins and Joe Harmon includes Bled, 1:30pm, Remembered, and Why?! These were definitely some of our earlier works. Although, it came out sounding really good! We have since changed formats slightly. In the summer of '98, we acquired bassist Dave Goldstein for some new songs. We went back to the overly friendly Hill Johnson at Studio7 and recorded a four song demo of new material with our new bassist. It was nice to actually have some low end on the tracks to groove with the drums a little more. We circulated that to a few clubs and what not. Those songs, for whoever has heard it, are more the style we play today. Actually, we still play most of those songs in our live shows. The next demo was recorded in December of '99. We spent a couple evenings at Acme Studios in Rochester to finish up the mixing, and there you have it. Three songs that haven't been recorded and a re-recording of Numb. We then went and hooked up with the fine people at The Space with new guitarist Tim Clements, and recorded what would turn out to be We Should Be Divas in the summer and early fall of 2000. We finished with the disc right over xmas break and released it to the world in early January of 2001.


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